Our Ability to Produce Mechanical Assemblies of an Exceptional Quality Stands Us Apart

Our mold makers and mechanical designers work together to ensure timely production, precise components and outstanding overall quality.

Conformity of Raw Materials

The materials used in our manufacturing processes are analyzed and certified to meet the highest standards in the industry.

Respect of Dimensions

At the heart of our processes, monitoring and tracking of production metrics, ensures the same high level of quality that we always deliver.

Flawless Assemblies

Our assembly team combines all the components, ensuring flawless fit and performance.

Conventional CNC Machining

Our unparalleled manufacturing quality, for glitch-free production and perfect results.

Amazing 5-axis CNC Machining!

Our CNC Equipment

Hermle C42U 5-axis high-speed machining center, with swiveling rotary table. 800 x 630 x 700 mm maximum size. Up to 42000 RPM.
MIKRON HSM 600U 5-axis high-performance machining center, with swiveling rotary table. 36000 RPM.
MIKRON HPM 1850U 5-axis high-performance machining center, with traveling table. 70" X 60" X 40" maximum size. 15000 RPM.
OKADA 644 High-speed CNC Milling. 23" X 15" X 16" maximum size. 25000 RPM.
MAZAK FJV 250 High-speed CNC Milling. 40" X 20" X 20" maximum size. 12000 / 40000 RPM.

Electrical Discharge Machining

This process is particularly suited for cavity making and also allows to machine geometries virtually impossible to obtain by conventional methods. Our equipment can accurately machine all electrical conductive materials such as hardened steels, brass, copper and aluminum in an automated way.

Our EDM Equipment

MITSUBISHI EX30 EDM SINKER (100 AMP) - Envelope 27" X 19"
ARD EDM SINKER (34 AMP) - Envelope 12" X 8"

Deep Hole Drilling

The gun-drilling process allows us to drill precise and straight holes with excellent surface finish. We have the equipment and expertize needed to drill holes up to a depth vs. diameter ratio of 80 to 1 with a maximum depth of 1000 mm (40 ").

Our CNC Deep Drilling Centers

IXION TL 1001 Deep-drilling machine with 1 CNC axis (Z-axis) - 0.125" à 1.0" diameter / 1000mm (40") maximum length