Getting us involved early makes all the difference

Our goal is to maximize efficiency and reduce costs for our clients through our experience, our sense of innovation and our cutting-edge equipment.

50+ major projects
delivered annually

80 tons of
raw materials
each year

1,120 cumulative weekly
work hours

Save Time Designing Your Plastic Product

Reduce costly molding difficulties by involving our experienced and knowledgeable team at the beginning of your projects.

Read About Our Design and Drafting Services

Mold maker's Perspective

Avoid the pitfalls inherent to plastic injection molding while developing your product.

Optimized Parts Design

Keep tooling and production costs as low as possible, without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

Tangible Concept

See, touch and handle your concept within a matter of a few days with our 3D printing service.

Industry Best Practices

The primary objective of our dedicated team is to provide our customers with the unparalleled quality that has made our reputation.

Custom Molding Solutions

Rely on our consulting and feasibility study services to provide you with different manufacturing options that give you the advantage of making choices based on your needs.

Leading Technologies

We offer our clients the latest advances in plastic injection molds and die-casting dies manufacturing.

Over 57 Years of Experience in Mold Design and Manufacturing

We always find a solution where others see a dead end.

Learn About Our Machining and Manufacturing Services

Increase Your Profits With High Yield Sustainable Production

Protect your investment by entrusting the maintenance of your molds to high-level experts team.

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Best in Class Customer Support

We are close to our customers and are happy to answer your questions in a personalized and timely manner.

Ironclad Reliability and Durability

Our molds are specifically designed for high efficiency and allows you to measure yourself against the best milers in the industry.

Performance Tuning

Our cutting-edge expertise enables us to provide you with the best molding production cycle optimization.